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Precision Variable Rate Programs, Precision Farming Solutions in North and South Dakota by Rx-VRT Providers, providing solutions for precision farming since 1995

Variable Rate Mapping - Precision Farming for the 21st Century

Rx-VRT Providers, serving North and South Dakota, realizes that the most important part of any Precision Variable Rate Program is to create accurate, quality variable rate maps. Rx-VRT Providers will analyze several different maps from our extensive satellite imagery library to provide the best possible map for your precision agriculture variable rate fertilizer program and customized seed program.

Next, we will create a zone sampling map, typically using 3 zones, to determine fertilizer needs. Sample points are GPS logged for sampling in future years and to track nutrient levels as part of your precision agriculture program.

Then, one of our knowledgeable agronomists will consult with you to determine a customized variable rate fertilizer program and/or customized seed program to fit the soil productivity potential of your North or South Dakota enterprise.

Precision Agriculture through precision variable rate fertilizer and seed programs

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